Some say that it is no longer difficult to find a suitable web design firm because there are now a plenty of them offering service catering to the different needs of businesses belonging to a particular market or industry. 

However when faced with all these options, you must find the task tedious and challenging even if it feels like window shopping. To find and review the best ones, we'll focus on a few important questions to ask your prospective agency and see if they'll pass the test of truly good ones. 

1. What type of clients have they served?

Sometimes the website of your prospective firm already provide you the clues with whom they have worked for in the past and what connections they already established.  To get a sense of their clientele, look for their portfolio. 

If there are case studies, review how they provide solutions to client problems with their former websites and brand in general. Find also data supporting claims that their design has been successful in driving traffic and converting page visits to actual transactions completed. 

2. Are you impressed with their creativity?

Judging creativity is subjective but not all agencies are created equal. Some may be great in coding but not in design and vice-versa.  But the true test here is to see how well they have designed and still delivered a web page that is neither clunky nor non-functional. 

If they exhibit the latter, then it's an exercise in futility. The competition on the web is too tight that to accept anything less than an elegantly-designed web design page with functional navigation and features is risky on the profitability side of your business and the reputation of your brand in general. 

Even if you some really good content but if they'll read it in an unaesthetically-designed page, chances of losing them is high.

3. Are they marketing savvy with expertise in research, planning and branding?

Designing for the web must be matched by marketing savvy and understanding that their priority must be about pleasing the audience. To evaluate if your prospective web design firm meets the criteria, ask them if they understand calls to action. 

What is their branding experience? Have they developed new brands or have they worked to improve brands of other companies? Do they offer additional services like copy writing and illustration?

4. Are you philosophically aligned?

The weight of entering into a working relationship with a web design firm cannot be downplayed as unimportant. There must be a fit, even not perfect, between your business philosophy and ethos with your selected agency. In other words, you must be compatible as if a match made in the high heavens to work on a higher purpose. To test your compatibility, carefully analyse your design agency's manifesto or statement of purpose that they include on their site. 

Remember, these are just a sample of questions you need to ask yourself when deciding a design agency to develop a website for your business. So feel free to be guided and our wish is always for your best. May you find the right web design firm.

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