Chances that you've already pondered about using web design templates to build your small business website are high. Such option has gained popularity in recent years as one of the most smart and novel ways to launch an attractive and professional-looking online presence. 

Plus it cannot be denied that compared with custom-designed web presence which require hiring a web design professional or a web agency, web templates are affordable. But is it really all these good. Let's count the ways why website design templates has its own downsides too.

No. 1 – Customization

While it is true that you can tweak one or many features of your chosen website design template, it certainly comes with a limitation. Depending on the standard templates you purchased, the fact remains you can only change a little less based on what you need. Some features that are impossible to change include space available for text or images. So that's one of the few practical reasons why you should get away from web design templates.

No. 2 – Uniqueness Factor

It's impossible to achieve uniqueness and distinctive look and feel when what you thought to be an exclusive design for you is already shared by a bunch of businesses like you who all aspire and dreamed of saving money. In the end, it becomes difficult to ind one that is originally-looking and reflective of your brand personality and individuality.

The hefty price that comes when you purchase exclusive rights to a specific website template design is also limited. Because how sure are you that you are the only one who downloaded a particular exclusive website design template?  Hence, it would be advisable to invest and hire a company who can develop a custom website for you.

No. 3 – Image Optimization

When it comes to optimization of images and text for search engines, website design templates offer a few challenges for you. Those with no photo-editing skills or understaff will have to contend with a poorly-optimized image. Worst, you will need to call or hire an experienced web developer that will only increase the cost of your operational expenses.

No. 4 – Customisation Requirements

Website design templates offer simply customization and some software like Microsoft Frontpage are readily-available at the disposal of the developers. However, there are sometimes more intricate and complex requirements that advanced programs like Dreamweaver can be utilised to perform the task. As a result, you or your staff will need to get the right training to acquire the required skills to customise your template. Again, this will drag down your budget when such requirements call for you to hire a professional or expert in this aspect.

These are only but few limitations when using website design templates. Again, you must make a judicious and careful planning when deciding which web building approach to take.

Website design templates may seem like the practical and least expensive option for you. However, if all these means is too much complications and limitations that the amount you saved will then have to be allocated to training and time, software and all, then paying a little more for custom website design may actually be the best move in small business website.

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