Marketing using social media is a very hot topic nowadays for startups and even big branded corporations. With all the talks around social media marketing for small business, it's hard to stay in a state of denial that it's not going to help increase your impact and engagement with customers. 

Getting it right, social media marketing can pay off but the opposite will just turn disastrous, even turn your potential customers away just as easily.

Here are some common pitfalls to spot when social media marketing is adopted by your small business enterprise:

Being Overly Promotional.

It's one fatal mistake to commit when embarking with social media marketing for small business – being very promotional. Inasmuch as marketing through social media allows you to engage and converse with your customers in meaningful manner, but going over the top is not helpful either. 

The best approach is through your skillful way of balancing subtle with soft sell to enhance the positive perception of people toward your brand.

Deleting Negative Reviews

With your social media presence, you'll sooner or later attract both positive and negative comments, the appreciations and the harsh criticisms of your brands. 

Address both positive and negative comments as skillfully as you can. But never delete negative comments because such acts only create the impression of your being both guilty and too defensive. 

Address negative sentiments with your persuasive reply and you may be able to convince the customer to swing to your side eventually.

Don't Buy Likes and Followers

Even if it feels tempting to purchase likes and followers for paying a small fee, don't! There is no use of these likes or followers if none of them are people who are truly interested or buying your products or services. 

Also, how will you expect these people to comment on your blog posts or appreciate anything you are delivering if these are merely part of a scam? 

Even with few likes or followers if these people are engaged with your brand a positive social media marketing for small business will convince the same to share your posts and tell friends about your brand and soon you'll get potential customers.

Inconsistent Social Media Execution

No matter how well-planned or thought-out or budgeted your social media marketing for small business but if you will be inconsistent in your manner of implementation, you'll soon realize the fatal blow of your campaign. 

To solve this common mistake, outline your goals and objectives, including a list of optimal networks you're going to focus your eyes on. It will also help to allocate a specific amount of time per day for your social media engagement.

Not Proofreading

It sucks and it is a pain in the eyes to see typographical errors spotted on statuses or posts made by branded companies in their social media channels. 

Pay attention to proofreading and it doesn't have to take so much of your time. A well-written and composed tweets or status can bring the impression of professionalism and that will reflect on your brand.

So there you have it folks, our far too common social media marketing for small business mistakes to avoid and what you can do to avoid them.

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